Digital training for beginners and intermediates

Digital training for beginners and intermediates

14 week program

Our 14 week digital training programs are ideal for companies or charities who are looking to develop their wellbeing/mindfulness programs for their employees or clients. Our programs are designed to help people develop their digital skills using the fun side of PowerPoint. The programs will run for 14 weeks and will include...

Lesson 1, week 1&2 Digital Photo Enhancement.

Lesson 2, week 3&4 Greetings Card Creations.

Lesson 3, week 5&6 Calendar Creations.

Lesson 4, week 7&8 3D Images. Lesson 5, week 9&10 3D Illustrations.

Lesson 6, week 11&12 Animations.

Week 13 we will have a mini exam to see how the learners have developed.

Week 14. A certificate of attendance presentation.

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